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I attended my first EFT training in 2011 and was simply amazed by the ease of use and effectiveness of this technique.  Thus began my own transformational journey, which continues to this day.  With EFT I have been able to banish a debilitating fear of flying, let go of past hurts that were holding me back in my current life and learn to love myself and stop all the negative self talk that had been part of my life for as many years as I can remember.   It was not long before I felt a strong yearning to work with others, in the hopes of bringing them the same happiness and power that I had myself experienced.   I completed a 10-month program with The National EFT Training Institute (NeftTI) which resulted in my certification as an emotional success coach and EFT practitioner.  I also received my certification and accreditation as an EFT practitioner with The Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques (AAMET International).  I continue to be astounded by the results I see in myself and my clients and feel extreme gratitude that EFT came into my life.